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Smoke tubes

All smoke tubes can also be produced according to Your design and measures.

Sheetmetal smoke tube, length 500mm and 1000mm
Ø115/500 (2.3 kg)
Ø115/1000 (4.6 kg)
Ø140/500 (2.8 kg)
Ø140/1000 (5.6 kg)
Ø150/400 (2.3 kg)
Ø150/900 (6.0 kg)
Ø160/400 (2.5 kg)
Ø160/900 (7.0 kg)

Smoke tube elbow
Ø115/45° (2.3 kg)
Ø140/45° (2.5 kg)
Ø150/45° (2.6 kg)
Ø160/45° (2.8 kg)

Smoke tube elbow
Ø115/90° (2.3 kg)
Ø140/90° (2.5 kg)
Ø150/90° (2.7 kg)
Ø160/90° (2.9 kg)

Smoke tube damper plate
Ø115 (1.7 kg)
Ø140 (2.1 kg)

Chimney rain cap
Ø115 (1.6 kg)
Ø140 (1.8 kg)

Smoke tube joint elbow Ø115
3.5 kg

Smoke tube adapter Ø140/Ø115
0.8 kg
Flue pipe certificate of quality

Our flue pipes meet the EU requirements for production and are certified: Sertifikaat.pdf