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Surgical mechanicsJSC Valumehaikan, which is located in the city of Tartu, is an enterprise founded already in 1996 and is engaged in metal casting. 

Our mission

Our focus is on the regional market for small and medium-sized castings. Our

the goal is to satisfy customers' needs in a radiant way against a background of mutual understanding.

Key indicators

Turnover: EUR 980 949

The main countries of export: Finland 92% and Latvia 7%

PCs : 20chyel


  • New electric melting furnace with capacity 0.75 t
  • New molding line of the Alphaset system
  • The old forming system alphaset system and the possibility of manual molding on the basis of a sandy-clay mixture

Matter's castings

  • Gray Cast Iron (GJL150-400)
  • High-strength cast iron (GJS400-600)
  • Cast iron with a high chromium content (up to 30% Cr)

The main product groups

  • Machining details
  • Plate-furnace casting
  • Antique Literature
  • Steel structures
  • Other small and medium-sized castings for customer orders up to 750 kg


Peltitarvike OY, Kyrötekniikka OY, NiemisenValimo OY, KarhulaFoundry OY