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About us

ValumehaanikaValumehaanika Ltd (founded in 1966) is situated in Tartu and it operates with cast-iron and sheet metal.

N!B! As of May 2018 we are launching a new induction furnace, which is capable of producing cast iron products of grey-iron (GJL150-400), ductile iron (GJS400-600) and iron with chrome content (up to 30% Cr).
In addition, we are also able to make new castings according to old cast iron parts.


Our focus is on small to middle size special castings for regional markets. Our ambition is to be a reliable and flexible partner to provide best solutions for customer needs.


Turnover: 980 949 EUR

Biggest export partners: Finland 92% and Latvia 7%

Number of employees: 20


  • a new induction furnace with the melting capacity of 0,75 t
  • one brand new alphaset molding line
  • one existing alphaset molding line and hand molding capability.


  • We are developing qulity management system certifications ISO:9001 and ISO:14001


  • Gray -iron (GJL150-400)
  • Ductile iron (GJS400-600)
  • Iron with chrome content (up to 30% Cr)


  • General machine building
  • Generators
  • Furnace, hearth and fireplace doors
  • Fire gates
  • Iron details, steel constructions, bunkers and containers
  • Other small and medium size ductile iron castings


Peltitarvike Oy, Kyrötekniikka Oy, Niemisen Valimo OY, Karhula Foundry OY


By subcontracting we also produce all kind of grey-iron and steel details. Valumehaanika Ltd. products can also be found in Tartu and Tallinn where the street illumination laterns, latern holders, vases, benches, sewage tops are made by us. However the main products are special orders for different companies from which one third is exported to Finland, Sweden and Latvia.